Safe in Texas d/b/a Rescue Me Texas

Ronnie - 4 year old Chow mix (male)
One look at Ronnie's sweet face and beautiful red fur will have you squealing in delight.  Ronnie was saved by our team after his previous owners cruelly left him at a shelter to die.  Ronnie is a wonderful dog. He loves playing with his dog friends and always has a big smile on his face.  Ronnie is dog friendly (not cats!) and will make an amazing addition to your family.

Kodiak - 3 month old German Shep/Lab mix (male)
Who doesn't love puppy breath?  Kodiak is the cream of the crop when it comes to puppies.  He is full of spunk and loves to run and play with his littermates.  Now all but him and one remain.  The rest of his brothers and sisters found their perfect homes.  

Tristan - 10 month old Lab mix (male)
Tristan is all puppy.  Tristan is a bundle of energy and loves to run and play with his foster fur friends.  Tristan is one happy little boy.  He is mixed with a breed that will keep him short on stature (he has short little legs) but has all the looks of a lab.  He is looking for his best human friend to take him on walks and play.

Saving lives - four paws at a time