‚ÄčSaving lives - four paws at a time

Safe in Texas d/b/a Rescue Me Texas

We are looking for temporary foster homes to help our pups transition from the shelter to adoptive homes.  Foster commitments vary in length from a few weeks to approximately 60 days.  Safe in Texas provides the costs of all medical care and a monthly food stipend.  All we need you to do is show them some love, take them on walks, and integrate them into your family.  It is proven that dogs who learn to love and trust humans after being discarded and abandoned go on to make wonderful additions to families.  We strive, through our team of fosters, to help this transition.

Our foster team is special to us.  They are our front lines in our fight to end euthanasia of animals due to over crowding and irresponsibility of people.  We know we cannot do this without them.  We sincerely appreciate the sacrifices they make to help us on our mission.  In understanding that they are the integral parts of our team, we strive to show them all the appreciation we can.  We host periodic dinner meetings in all the cities where our fosters are so that we can get their feedback as to what further services we can provide to them so that they continue on our mission.  We also want to establish friendships to solidify our teams.  We feel having a team mentality is key to the success of our rescue.  Additionally, we do a monthly random drawing for a gift to one of our fosters for helping us be successful.  These gifts are provided by our Directors and no funds set aside for the animals is ever used to reward our team for their dedication to the mission.  

If interested in fostering, please email us at rescuemetx@gmail. com or call us at 817-937-1783 (Robyn).  We will forward you an application so that we can match you with the dog that is right for your family, home and abilities.